O.J. Beer
A new taste experience
Inspired by one of the world's strongest men, Odo Joost.
O.J. is going global!

Our expansive range of O.J. Beers are available in 69 countries all over the world. If your company is interested in representing O.J. Beer in your country, please get in touch.

O.J. Beer is Belgian-born, refreshing and strong with a taste that leaves you wanting more.
NEW - 30 x 330ml CAN

Created using the finest ingredients featuring water, barley malt, wheat & hops. Our signature pilsener has a light bodied, crisp & bitter taste with a dry, refreshing finish.

Available in 330ml or 500ml can
O.J. Strong Beer

O.J. Strong Beer is a full bodied, full quality lager with a punchy alcohol content. O.J. Strong Beer is the most expansive range from O.J. Beer. The range consists of seven strong beers with ABV’s ranging from 8.5% up to a whopping 20%, each served in its own unique coloured branding.

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Expand and grow your business with O.J. Beer, a premium quality Belgian beer brand with a unique adventure ahead!

24 x 330ml sleek can

A natural and refreshing range of spiked sparkling waters in four fruity flavours created using the purest well water and juices from hand picked fresh fruit.

99 calories - 2g of carbs - Gluten free - 5% ABV

Available in 500ml can & 330ml bottle
O.J. Blanche

O.J. Blanche is a pale, dense wheat beer characterised by its coriander aromas. It is a cloudy white beer created using barley malt, wheat, oat, coriander, orange peels and hops, a beverage all beer lovers will enjoy.



Fantastic beers, great service, a well respected brewery who make good, honest beers.

Ruku's Beer

Great value for money! Best value beer I have ever bought.

Mark Smith

Great flavours and a brilliant choice of strengths. Love this stuff. Definitely recommend. 

Pat O Mahony

Delicious stuff. Great range. You really can't go wrong with any of their beers.

Paul Moore