To celebrate O.J. Fruit Beer hitting the Irish market, we are giving away 1 case of fruit beer every week until the end of August!

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140 Calories

Each of our three delicious flavoured beers have just 140 calories or less per 330ml serving, without comprimising on taste.

Natural Flavours

Each beer consists of natural fruit flavours from wild berries, sweet apple and tropical peach. Our beers give you all of the flavour, without any of the nasty stuff!

Trio of Flavours

You won't be stuck for choice with our three fruity and refreshing options -

O.J. Pink, O.J. Pomme and O.J. Fuzz

A New Taste Experience

O.J. Beer is Belgian-born, refreshing and strong with a taste that leaves you wanting more. Try something new. Out with the old, in with O.J.