What is O.J. Beer?

O.J. Beer is a new taste experience inspired by one of the world’s strongest men, Belgian-born Odo Joost, or O.J. as he is better known.

O.J. Beer is Beglian-born, refreshing and strong with a taste that leaves you wanting more. It was created to bring together those who have a shared desire to break the mould, those who are limitless, those who wish to step outside of their comfort zone, those who fuel the afterparty, those who aim to make every night unforgettable.

Try something new, out with the old, #inwithOJ

Introducing Our Ranges

Shop O.J. Beer online, currently available for delivery to mainland Europe.

O.J. Pilsener

O.J. Pilsener

A light bodied crisp and bitter premium pilsener with a dry, refreshing finish, quenching your thirst instantly.


O.J. Strong Beer

A full bodied lager with full punchy alcohol content with a long and perfect finish, giving you that extra ‘oomph’.


O.J. Fruit Beer

A light and delicious beverage with an instant aroma of sweet fruit that still allows the delicacy of the malt and hops to shine through.


O.J. Blanche

A pale, dense wheat beer with a mild sweet-sour taste characterised by it’s tangy citrus and coriander aromas and taste.


Information Pack

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