O.J. FUZZ - 24 x 33cl-O.J. Beer
O.J. FUZZ - 24 x 33cl-O.J. Beer
O.J. FUZZ - 24 x 33cl-O.J. Beer
O.J. Fuzz Belgian beer will blow your mind. Just like Odo Joost's mind.

O.J. FUZZ - 24 x 33cl

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A sweet yet sour premium quality beverage with a tongue tingling aroma
of tropical peaches with an explosion of warm ‘fuzz’ once it hits your taste buds.

This beer comes in a premium black glass 33cl bottle filled with premium Belgium liquid at 4% ABV and is carton packed with 24 bottles.


Water, barley, malt, glucose syrup, sugar, hops, natural peach flavouring, purple carrot juice concentrate.

Shipping Time:

3-5 working days to mainland Europe.


O.J. Beer is Belgian-born, refreshing and strong with a taste that leaves you wanting more. It was created to bring together those who have a shared desire to break the mould, those who are limitless, those who wish to step outside of their comfort zone, those who fuel the afterparty, those who aim to make every night unforgettable.

Try something new, out with the old, #inwithOJ