REVIEW: The O.J. 20% Premium Strong Beer Experience by Matthias Soberon

REVIEW: The O.J. 20% Premium Strong Beer Experience by Matthias Soberon

For our final tasting with Matthias Soberon of ServedbySoberon, we asked him taste the Daddy of our expansive range of strong beers, the O.J. 20% Strong Beer. Read on to see how he felt the 'burn'...


"Pouring the O.J. Premium 20% Strong Beer into the glass, you’re looking at how a beautifully dark orange colour finds its way down. It’s fully transparent with quite an intense carbonation to start with, yet the foamy head being disappears quickly. No traces of it are left, except for the fine pearls that continue to gently find their way to the surface."


"The nose of the beer starts off a bit closed, yet opens up over time. Give the beer a couple of seconds. Just like other high-proof liquids, the aromas benefit from that precious patience. Initially, there’s cornbread, layered with bananas that are just about to be ripe: while there’s an exotic touch to it, it’s not prominent. After taking the first sip, the nose opens up a lot more. A herbal bitterness arrives, cutting through that corn-and-banana sweetness. You know you’re up for a challenge."


"Mouthfeel brings medium carbonation, a creamy coating of the entire tongue. There’s a little aggression to it, yet it silently leaves you craving for more. There’s something wholesome to it. Thick, but definitely not oily. The first sip confirms the nose: it hits you. Very much expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s not heavy. Bitterness arrives: rooty, almost botanical. Just like when sampling a new-make spirit for the first time, you know it might be a bit tough, and that premonition gets confirmed. In the second sip and onwards, you find the malt, a grainy body, more aching towards a loaf of freshy cut bread. The experience is coated in that aforementioned creaminess."


"While the bitter becomes sweeter in the finish, there’s some spices and roots to it here as well. It has a whiff of fruit: dehydrated citrus wheels, orange in particular. The aftertaste starts off a bit of a shocker, yet after couple of sips in it starts growing on you. There’s more to it. The orange is finding support in some creamy vanilla and freshly ground cloves."


"Generally, the O.J. 20% is a tough one. But who is surprised? You’re warned of its ABV and the twofold use of the word ‘strong’ in a large enough font on the can. And still it kind of catches you off-guard, especially if the conditions you’re drinking in are a bit too wholesome. Take your time and don’t overestimate yourself."


Our O.J. 20% Premium Strong Beer is a full bodied, pure quality lager with a full and punchy alcohol content. It is the perfect balance between taste and a bitter sensation with a long and perfect finish, giving you that extra 'oomph'. This beer has a matt finish 500ml can filled with premium Belgium liquid and is tray packed with 24 cans per tray.

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The company’s portfolio of brands include O.J. Beer and Whytes Malt Beverage. Each brand specialises in unique essence, varying strengths and exceptional personality. Each product tells its own story through distinctive, eye catching branding and incredible flavour.

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Bored of the same old same old? So were we. That’s why we made O.J.

O.J. Beer is not for the faint hearted. O.J. Beer is a new taste experience inspired by one of the world's strongest men, Belgian-born Odo Joost, or O.J. as he is better known. O.J. Beer is Belgian-born, refreshing and strong with a taste that leaves you wanting more. It was created to bring together those who have a shared desire to break the mould, those who are limitless, those who wish to step outside of their comfort zone, those who fuel the afterparty, those who aim to make every night unforgettable.

Try something new. Out with the old, in with O.J.


Created using the purest waters and malt, the Whytes range of malt beverages provide a superior heavenly taste experience for any occasion. This range of beverages are a true taste of purity.

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